@Tunghai, Taichung
Autumn 2015, Restoration of Department of Architecture

[About Restoration]


How do we define a circle?
It’s about ways of seeing.


It's not about other places, it's about the surroundings.
It's not about a department building, it's about architecture.

It's not about a department's education, it's about architecture education.
It's not about design manipulations, it's about honest words.
It's not about Positivism, it's about Lebenswelt.
It's not about forces around, it's about free will.

It's not about form, it's about organic build.
It's not about abandon,It's about restoration.

How to restore the department of architecture?
or is it just about the building/ artchitecture?

Before restoring the building, we should restore ourselves first by the following steps

Reduct ourselves to the original, 
Watch the building appropriately, 
Be conscious of the building, 
Restore people in the building,

then Restore the [ Education ]

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pray for my dear school