BArch Architecture, Tung-Hai University, Taichung, Taiwan, 2011-2016
MFA Art, Space + Nature, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2018-2020


Being with the planet, 1993-Ongoing

Intern, MOKO Architect, Warsaw, Poland, 2015
Main Curator, 100 Thesis Design Exhibition, Taichung, Taiwan, 2016
Architecture Designer, 33 Design, Taipei, Taiwan, 2016-2018
Main Editor, 100 Thesis Design Collection, Taiwan, 2018
Architecture Designer (PM), Kai Architect, Taipei, Taiwan, 2020-Ongoing

Solo Exhibition

What Year Was It?, Evolution House, Edinburgh, Scotland, February 2020

PASSIVE VOICES, Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, March 2020
MESSIVE VOICES, @messivevoices, Instagram, May 2020

Marie Need Their Own Room, 0.3025m2 Book, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, November 2020
Slow Violence Around Us, Gímgoânheng, Tainan, Taiwan, January 2021
Public Voices, BlackBlank, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, May 2021

Group Exhibition

100 Thesis Design Exhibition,  Shen-Ji New village, Taichung, Taiwan, July 2016
YOYO~shakespeYA, Taichung Shiyakusho, Taichung, Taiwan, July 2016

SHIFT, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, Edinburgh, Scotland, December 2018
Testimony from the Rocks, An Lanntair, Stornoway, Scotland, March 2019
Remnants, Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, May 2019

SHE___, Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, May 2019
COAST, An Talla Solais, Ullapool, Scotland, July 2019
Inner ) Outer, Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, November 2019

Keelung Ghost Festival Experience, Tent Gallery, Keelung, Taiwan, July 2020

Trading Zone 2020, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, Postponed


100 Thesis Design Collection, 2018
A5 Magazine #28, 2019
The Queer Dot Zine, 2019
ComfortZine, 2020
Quarantzine Issue 01, 2020

C. Pin