Good to be Home


August 2020 @Keelung Ghost Festival Experience, Keelung

“It’s good to be home, but where is it?”

The way to home is always a journey not a moment, and the so-called “Home” only exists in one’s memory.

Every little part of our daily life constitutes the city we live with, which is a macro object built up by multiple minor objects (human, events and surroundings).

From creating, ruminating to imprinting memories of Lunar Ghost Festival, further conveying them to others, the Festival no longer stays in one’s memory, but the public has kept experiencing the journey to the city, to home, to somewhere deep inside their heart.

“Good to be Home” welcame others’ participation to share their memories of Lunar Ghost Festival.
The work had been growing during the process of exhibition.

Thanks to Keelung for a Walk and everyone who participated the work 