How Do I Archive the Feeling of Nothingness?

March 2019 @An Lanntair
Testimony from the Rocks, Group Exhibition of  Art, Space + Nature Master Program

How do I archive the feeling of nothingness?
Ciomar as Urrainn dhomh Tasgadh am Farachdainn Neonitheachd-sa?

In awe of the landscape, a process of self-questioning meant I felt nothing.
I forced myself to feel, to sense, to connect with the landscape, and I failed.
But its banal thoughts, trivial things and repetitive steps are not nothing, they are archived here.

The work is a response to both the physical and cultural landscape of the Western Isles.

Everyday is a practice
Feeling nothing, keep walking

There are always voids in landscape
                            There is always space for me to feel

I felt nothing.
What did I feel when I felt nothing?

Actually it’s not nothing.
the banal thoughts that came into my head
                            the trivial things that happened to me
the repetitive steps that I walked
that’s what I felt

It is beautiful but it is not somewhere that I belong to

How do I archive the landscape making me feel nothing?
How do I archive the feeling of nothingness?

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