Is the Forest Touching You?

November 2019 @Tent Gallery
inner ) outer, Group Exhibition of MFA Art, Space + Nature

When it is quiet, settled and invisible, how do we feel with the forest?
Our culture and geographical origins have socialised and educated us to develop individual way of perceiving our surroundings. If we change the normal method of perception, will the forest stay the same to us? “Perception is social, or shared experience, as well as an individual one.“ (Rodaway, 1994)

// the drips dropping sound

The work focuses on the haptic experience of the forest, Blackwood of Rannoch.

The experience is delivered through the interior weather created by high humidity of the space.
Visitors sense the place not with their eyes, but with their skin, ears and noses. They settle with the place, then feel the forest touching them. 
The enclosed space is in pitch-black, which contains the humidifier, drips dropping sound and smell from the forest.

   // the humidifier in the space

// the smell form the forest

How did visitors feel with the forest?  find out more //

pix by my dear friend, Harmony