Marie Cardona

May 2019 @Whitespace Gallery
SHE___. Exhibition, Open Call

Marie Cardona is the fiancée of the title character, Meursault, in the Outsider by Albert Camus. She represents the enjoyable life Meursault desires. Marie Cardona is a sexual fantasy and symbolic object to Meursault. She is replaceable. She could be any girl.
The work is based on personal reading experience of the Outsider. The misogynistic narrative interfered the reader to enjoy the philosophy and perspective behind the book. As the plot develops, the eyes keep moving forward, but the brain sticks on the misogynistic part. The description keeps repeating again and again.

The work is part of SHE___. Exhibition
SHE ___. is a student-led exhibition that showcases art about everyday women that have inspired, influenced, or impacted a life in some way.