On My Way Home

How do we memorize HOME?
City impressions are people’s understanding and memory of a city.
Cities are memorized by bodies. We do not memorize them by architectural drawings but incidents happened to us and the surrounding space.

“‘Everything’ also occurs in space, not merely incidentally but as a vital part of lived experience.” (Soja, 1996)
Spatial experience of a city is not only built by human beings but also nature, such as sun, animals, and vegetation, which surrounds us all the time. To me, objects that exist in the city are metaphors for the city, and also the clues for us to recognize places. Relationships between objects and humans, objects and nature, objects and their surroundings construct the urban spatial experience. Objects in a city changed with the natural surroundings in the city; in other words, same objects become different under different environmental conditions. I presented the city to the others by descriptions in words, expressions in paintings and manipulations in models of the objects I chose.

Dark Red_ 深紅