March 2020 @Tent Gallery
Solo Exhibition of MFA Art, Space + Nature

An exhibition about the situation and oppression from the authorities

PASSIVE VOICES interprets plots, which are associated with silence, censorship, concealment, persecution, brutality from the authorities, in every corner around the world. The stories behind are not particularly exclusive to somewhere. The minimalist simplicity provides openness to the work, which elicits public discourse from diverse background. There is universality in each passive action depicted in the work. It’s not only occurring in one place, but globally.

The work is currently exhibited in Tent Gallery, Evolution House, Edinburgh EH1 2LE.
Sadly, most of the time the work is isolated in dark. I don't know how long the window gallery will be. (No one knows)
However, when the work is isolated in dark, I am isolated in dark as well.

// my access to school is blocked

// documententation of me sewing one word

// my freedom is deprived

pix by my dear friend, Hsin

quotidian words
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