The Violence of

Slow Tides

July 2019 @ An Talla Solais
Coast, Micro Exhibition alongside with As Coastline is to Ocean

The workis selected to be part of COAST, a micro exhibition of artworks responding to the topic of coastal change.

The work comprises of quotations from climate change deniers, sourced from 1989 to 2018.
These deniers are either scientists, who are supported by big fossil fuel companies, or politicians, whose only care is profit.
It is necessary to arouse public’s attention to the issues caused by the invisibility of slow violence, and evoke real actions to deal with it.

One hundred artists applied from around the world, referencing aspects such as coastal erosion, construction, beach waste, sea rise, flooding, acidification of sea water. I am delighted to be one of the 20 selected artists.

By scanning the QR code to read the information above, the audience can learn more about the deniers.