Trapped in____

July 2019, Exhibition Proposal

The work is a proposal to an open call in Blueproject Foundation in Barcelona.

// proposed exhibition plan

Big city is another clamorous sea. Modern people are floating and drowning in it. They are lost in the sea named city. They are lost in themselves. Human in city trap plants to be with them. Human-beings are also trapped by themselves, by others. The company of plants make them less lonely. The inspiration behind the project, which is based on personal experience in nature, depicts the trapped-trapping relationship between human and plants in modern world

The proposal is to curate Sala Project into a modern person’s everyday living space, which is consisted of series of works representing humans’ obsession with plants and the concept of nature. The space will be divided by daily functions, such as worshipping space, dining room, closets, and bedroom. All the works showing in the space are part of everyday lives, which soothe modern people’s nerves and anxiety.

Furthermore, during the period of exhibition, the work will transform by time. Juicy, tender leaves and stems will be withering, and the green of the plants is going to fade. The audience will be able to witness the fading of the works in the process of exhibition, just like what is happening in the real world softly but toxically. Human and plants seem happily sharing lives together, but the plants trapped in the place are not living properly. They are dying slowly, silently due to the fetish of human.