Unfulfilled Voices

May 2020  @my room

The series of work is created out of the failure of Unnoticed VOICES. It depicts the unfulfilled stories based on my anticipation.

Part1- ASKED



“Now, unfinished work is more often accepted as worthy of  serious consideration.”
-  La Feuvre, 2010

In my view, forms of failure vary according to ways of judging the situation. Even though the potentiality of Unnoticed VOICES is deprived, it can still be examined in another form.
Unnoticed VOICES was supposed to collect public opinions. Since I cannot reach the universality, Unfulfilled VOICES is presented from the opposite, the individuality. The voice is from me; the contents are from my opinions. Although it seems that the voices are from the public, in fact I am the only voice in the work.