Walking On Nothing:

95064 Steps, 61300 Metres

November 2018 @Tent Gallery
UMWELT, Group Exhibition of  Art, Space + Nature Master Program

The work is my first response to the eight-day trip in Lewis & Harris in October, 2018.
It’s about my feelings on the island, which I felt NOTHING. It’s not hate or love, just nothing.

The work is divided into two parts, one is my notes/diaries from the island.
When I was on the island, I could not sense anything. I felt nothing about the islands.
One day, I started to walk, finally my emotion was back. It's not happy or sad, just something.


The second part comprises of 8 pieces of fabric, which represent my 8-day trip on the island respectively.
Walking is meditative to me, so is needlework.

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