How will the Weather be Tomorrow?

May 2020  @my room
daily project

Since the lockdown, I’ve spent most of time alone in my room, and window is the only connection to the physical outside world.
It has become my habit to observe window view from different angles everyday.

First Curtain

Second Curtain

The project started from a window curtain made by the bureaucratic words from school. I have forced myself facing it everyday, and keeping an observation journal about my relationship with the words, outside world and myself. After the observation day by day, I made another window curtain comprised by my text, thoughts and questions from these days.

Observation journal: Week1Week2 / Week3

the SKY in between the gap

not All Best
good night
sleep tight

Through the work, the window view does not remain the same anymore. My text interacts with the sky, the plants, the building, the urban animals, also the changing weather. The interplay between urban nature, architecture and the ‘signage” I embed can be captured in multiple angles and from different distance.

 the outside is (?)

the outside is almost the same
I wan to stay in bed allll day
How will the weather be tomorrow?

Just a day and a day 
and another

It’s been 2 months

Isolateding in dark
Isolated       in dark

It’s a peaceful day
It’s a peaceful day
It’s a peaceful day

plz live in the moment
It may won’t be a peaceful day

Where are you?
my Dear Dear unreachable moon

It’s a boring sunny day again

 See you tomorrow

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